Tree Trimmming

man trimming a tree

Tree trimming is valuable for a variety of reasons. This maintenance isn’t simply to mitigate human nuisance. Tree trimming is also beneficial for the tree. Before we trim a tree we will inspect it for structural deficiencies. If we discover that there is rot, disease or decay, we will remove the limb promptly. The philosophy for trimming trees is very similar to hair trimming. It seems counter intuitive to cut something that you want to grow, but when there are dead ends like there are dead branches or unwanted brush, it must be removed for something better to grow.

Tree Trimming Tools & Equipment

The process is so simple that we wonder how people get it wrong. Trees are living breathing organisms. How you cut them makes a difference. We have born witness to the most horrid tree cuttings. It’s a wonder that they survive after being literally hacked with a hack saw. There are tools created for cutting lumber and tools designed to cut trees. A tree does not become lumber until it is cut and no longer living. All that is required to properly trim a tree is a pruning saw and pruning shears. We recommend that you hire a professional because even with the right tools you can get it wrong.

Tree Health

Let’s get a few things straight. There is a difference between a healthy tree living its life in a forest assisted by the communal support of sister trees. Street kids or urban trees as we like to call them lead a very different existence. When a forest tree is in trouble, the community comes together and sends vital nutrients through their extensive root system. Urban trees don’t have that luxury. They are much like the children that live on the streets throughout the world – they are on their own. As human companions, it is our job to urban trees when we witness danger signs. Tree shaping, dead wooding, shaping and fertilization are part and parcel of maintaining a tree’s health.

3-Cut Method

Unlike humans, trees don’t live beyond their means. When a healthy tree experiences an injury it literally cuts its losses. It will compartmentalize the injury and focus its energy on the health of the non damaged tree. In urban settings, your tree may need a little help. Our trained arborists utilize the 3-cut method when tree trimming. The first cut is made on the underside of the limb. The second cut is made on top of the limb about 1 to 2 feet away from the trunk. The final cut is made on the underside about 2 to 3 inches from the trunk. In this way, when the limb falls, the bark is spared and a healthy callous can grow.

Hire a Professional

Do yourself and the tree a big favor and hire a professional. Did you know that a family of 4 can survive on the oxygen produced by 2 trees? Knowing this fact should make you want to take the utmost care when maintaining your trees. There are many things that can go wrong while tree trimming. We see it every day as we stroll through our neighborhoods. Rule of thumb: if the tree is larger than 10 inches in diameter, call a professional. If you have to climb a ladder to trim a tree, contact Gainesville Tree Pro.

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