Tree Maintenance

Gainesville Tree Pro is comprised of a motley crew of trained and educated arborists. There are 6 of us on staff and we all have our specialties. Each favoring certain species and specializing in particular treatments. Everything that we do is designed to support our silent friends. Trees are amazing social creatures and are typically self sufficient. When surrounded by like species, they send each other nutrients through their vast root systems. If a deer or voracious insect attacks a tree it will emit a chemical in the air that alerts surrounding trees. Who in turn produce tannin which wards off any would be predators.

Tree Check Up

Trees are known for the shade they provide but did you know that they assist in lowering your heating and cooling bills? In fact, if you only had two trees in your yard, your entire family could survive from the oxygen they produce. You may think we are sappy tree huggers but these are facts. It makes sense to invest in your trees because they have already invested in you. Contact us for a routine tree check up. Just like you should see a doctor annually for your yearly check up, so should our silent friends. In this case, the tree doctor can make a house call.

Care and Maintenance

When trees of the same species grow next to each other, to avoid competition for natural resources they will not grow beyond the other’s capacity. If you scan across an expansive landscape you will see that all the crowns are level. If one tree supersedes another, it will rob surrounding trees of vital sunlight. In urban settings, various tree species are planted for human enjoyment. The communal support that exists in the forest is non existent in the city. This is where we come in. Gainesville Tree Pro prunes, fertilizes and mulches trees in need. Contact us today for a complete list of tree services.

Stump Grinding

Most people covet their weekends. If that is the case, why would you dedicate all of Saturday and Sunday to stump removal? You won’t be able to do it by yourself and it’s back breaking work even when you rent the proper equipment. Skip the headache and slipped discs. Call Gainesville Tree Pro for fast and efficient stump grinding. You may recall the men in your family coming together to ax, burn and pry a huge stump from the ground. That’s an old school approach. Welcome to the new school. A skilled arborist can remove a giant stump via remote control.

Tree Shaping and Canopy Elevation

We believe in trees growing free form but in an urban environment that isn’t always possible. If a tree is growing too close to your roof, you could benefit from canopy elevation. When you continue to allow trees to grow as they wish, the branches will slowly deteriorate the granules and shingles of your roof. The leaves and twigs will foster premature roof failure and your gutters will be clogged with leaves and other debris. Not to mention that rodents and other pests find safe havens in tree brush. For a more manicured appearance and enhanced curb appeal, a skilled arborist can shape your trees to compliment your existing architecture.

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