Tree Cabling & Bracing

tree cabling and bracing

You inherited this land and the tree has been in your family for over 50 years. If that tree could talk it would tell you that it has survived 100 hurricanes and tropical storms. It has experienced winds so ferocious that it was nearly snapped from the ground. Each year it bent and swayed as if moving to a choreographed dance. This tree holds sentimental value and you’re not going to let anything other than an act of God take it out.

The Treatment

Tree Cabling and bracing is not a new treatment. It’s been around for as long as humans found value in trees. What is new is the technology employed to strengthen trees and help them thrive. We use simple hardware that you can find at your local hardware store but specifically designed for this process. A drill, threaded rod, eye bolt and cabling is all that is required to support failing trees. The goal is to install this hardware so that the tree can work in unison with itself. Steel rods are combined with strong cables to hold a tree together. The eye bolts and cables allow the tree to move normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

When most people witness the installation they wonder if the treatment damages trees. After all, we are drilling right through the center of the trunk and the strongest limbs. Trees are living, breathing beings. Just like your body is designed to establish homeostasis and heal itself, trees have the same capacity. After a couple of years, a healthy callous would have formed and you won’t be able to notice the bolts. Most of our clients want to know if every tree can be saved. The short answer is no. As passionate arborists, it is our goal to support every tree so that it can thrive on its own. There are trees that pose too much of a liability to remain standing. They may have to come down.

How Long Does It Last?

Tree cabling and bracing can last for the entire lifetime of the tree. Remember that we install the rods and cables to move in unison with the natural shifting of the tree. Due to the fact that trees are not static, we will return every couple of years to check on it and make any necessary adjustments. You can expect the initial cable and bracing to last 2 to 3 years. If the plant has not completely healed and is unable to support itself without an apparatus, we will return to shore it up. Trees are miraculous beings and even in urban environments they are able to form healthy calluses and health themselves.

The Process

Tree cabling and bracing is a very rudimentary process. It is quite similar to dentistry in that the techniques are very archaic but the results are ideal. A gas powered drill is used to make a hole in the trunk and affected limbs. A threaded steel rod is inserted in those holes. If the tree is split or beginning to sever the rods are installed in a crisscross formation for stabilization. Two-thirds up from the crotch of the tree is where the cables are installed. We will select at least 2 of the biggest and strongest limbs to insert cabling. Metal or nylon cables are used to hold the tree together. If the tree has already begun to fail, nylon rope cannot be used.

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