Tree & Brush Removal

tree and brush removal

You can probably tell that we are in love with trees. When a tree has the potential to damage property and utility lines we will do everything in our power to save it. If the property owner doesn’t want to risk the likelihood of damage, we will safely remove it. Tree roots have been known to buckle sidewalks. This poses an additional hazard, because if someone trips and falls, it is the property owner that will be held liable. Before removing a tree or grinding it’s stump and their root system we will contact the city to make sure that we don’t interfere with water, gas, fiber optic and electrical lines.

Intelligent Forestry Equipment

We don’t understand why anyone would attempt to remove an adult tree by hand. Technology is so advance that there is literally no need to engage in back breaking tree and brush removal. We use a disc mulcher to remove trees and anything else in its path. This machine moves across the landscape grinding everything it comes into contact with. If you would like to have the root system removed, we have a piece of equipment that has the capacity to remove the tree from the ground with its root system in tact. This service is perfect for anyone who wants to save their tree but move it to a different location.

Protect Your Property

Trees are the oldest organisms on the face of the planet. Even in a city like Gainesville we often find that the tree existed before the house. As societies expand trees that don’t serve the growth are removed and those that provide shade and aesthetic appeal remain. Trees don’t stop growing and can encroach upon telephone lines, buildings and gas lines. When this happens, consider having the tree and surrounding brush removed. In some cases, we can erect a barricade if the tree is located dangerously close to equipment like an HVAC system.

The Hazards of Dead Trees

Here’s a fun fact about trees: they never die from old age. Trees will fail due to intense tropical storms, disease and insects. In Gainesville we have our fair share of tropical storms from June through November. If your tree is already dead, it doesn’t stand a chance with winds traveling at 157 miles per hour. A category 5 tropical cyclone can rip a healthy tree and its root system from the ground within seconds. The result is usually a loss in life and property. Allow us to inspect any dead trees that may be on your property before the hurricane season begins.

Contact a Professional

Tree and brush removal includes trees, shrubs and branches. When a tree detects a threat or an illness it will shed everything to protect itself. Leaves, fruit, nuts, branches and flowers are not exempt from a tree’s immune system. You may notice that your tree is shedding leaves in the middle of summer. If you notice atypical behavior, contact a professional. It would be our pleasure to examine your trees. We won’t recommend an unnecessary procedures. If we conclude that you and your property could benefit from tree and brush removal we will provide you with a succinct recommendation.

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