Stump Grinding

tiny bird standing on a tree stump

There is a reason why trees are the oldest living organisms on the planet. That tree stump that you’ve been trying not to look at for over a decade may still be alive. Trees are extremely social beings. They talk to each other through their root systems and by releasing natural chemicals into the air. When a tree is felled and the stump is left, the community may decide to keep it alive by sending it vital nutrients through the roots. Some trees are aggressive in producing sucker sprouts. This means that long after you have cut the tree down, small saplings will appear in the vicinity. Through stump grinding and herbicide treatments we can prevent unwanted tree growth.

The Hurricane Stump Cutter

Gainesville Tree Pro made the decision to invest in intelligent forestry equipment years ago. You have to see it to believe it. We have a heavy duty stump cutter that can cut stumps above and below ground at a 360-degree angle. This machine is not manually powered. The arborist powers it with the push of a button. She is protected from flying wood chips while standing a few feet away at the Hurricane stump cutter goes to work. No more slipped discs and hernias to contend with. Those days of breaking your back in the hot sun will hacking away at an old tree are long gone.

A Second Life for your Tree Stump

That old stump has a variety of uses. When we use the hurricane stump cutter it will automatically be ground into a mulch consistency. We can collect it and leave it with you to apply to your garden or protect the remaining trees from the scorching heat. Mulch helps trees retain moisture and they also provide much needed nutrients. We can grind the remnants into dust and haul it away. If you have an outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace the stump can be cut into firewood for future use. That old stump can be transformed into a side table or stylish ottoman straight out of Home & Gardens.

Legal Liabilities

Should you decide to host a backyard shindig while you have stumps lingering on your property, you are asking for trouble. The moment someone trips and falls you will find out real quick who your friends are. Your third cousin or friend of a friend that was not invited may decide to sue. Attorneys are trained to go after the party with the deepest pockets. In this case it would be the property owner. You will be forced to pay medical bills, pain and suffering plus attorney’s fees. Mitigate your legal liabilities by having stubborn stumps removed along with other hazards before and after a storm. You’d be surprised how affordable it is.

Safety Precautions

Gainesville Tree Pro is licensed, bonded and insured within the state of Florida. Should a mishap occur on your property, we’ve got you covered. Our crew will always wear protective gloves and eye wear. For particularly complex jobs they will don hard hats and safety vests. Large fluorescent signage and orange cones are used to warn oncoming traffic. This comes in handy when a tree falls in the street or is in close proximity to an intersection. Our team is trained to follow strict OSHA guidelines. OSHA stipulates the correct safety procedures that must be adhered to in an effort to protect the crew and everyone in the vicinity.

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