Land & Storm Cleanig

It’s September 11th and a category 4 hurricane has just swept through the region. Property was damaged, people died and trees fell. You see a ray of sunlight – everyone that you know if alright. The winds toppled a few trees but nothing major. Now that the storm has cleared it’s time to start thinking about clearing the land and ridding your property of the debris. Gainesville Tree Pro can take over from here. Our team of veteran arborists would be happy to inspect your property and evaluate and protect other trees that may have been effected. We can clear all unwanted brush, debris and trees.


Hurricane season is officially June 1 through November 30th. We don’t start seeing much action until August through September. Things really begin to peak around September 10th each year. During this time, we keep track of atmosphere changes. Any climate developments that may effect our customers gets our attention. We generally have a staff of six arborists but during hurricane season we contract other veteran arborists to help with the load. Given the size of our team we are able to arrive on site within thirty minutes. Our receptionist and dispatcher are waiting for your call.


It’s that time of year again. Your house sits on an acre of land. You know for a fact that a few of the trees and some of the limbs on your property are dead. Being born and raised in Gainesville, you’re accustomed to a few tropical storms. Something about this year doesn’t sit right with you and you want to do something about it. Instead of waiting for the inevitable you decided to get our ahead of the season. Our arrival is prompt and after surveying your property and the plants on it, we remove 2 saplings and 1 adult tree. All of this takes place in 2 hours. This is what you can expect from Gainesville Tree Pro.


We possess the know how, equipment and tools to clear trees by hand or with intelligent forestry equipment. The chosen tools are depends on the size of the trees, area and scope of the job. If the affected property is expansive and the scope of the work vast, our team will employ the use of heavy duty machinery to get the job done swiftly. When working with three trees or less gas and electric powered hand tools may suffice. The location of the plants in relation to valuable property also makes a difference. To learn more about intelligent forestry equipment and strategies used, give us a call today.

Storm Clearing Strategy

Our approach depends upon when and why you call. For preventative clearing we will inspect any trees that may be in danger of felling when intense winds reach speeds up to 157 miles per hour. Dead and damaged trees and limbs will be removed unless we can shore them up with cables and bracing. Following an intense storm, the strategy is slightly different. We will clear any vegetation that has been impacted by a tropical cyclone and instead of removing vulnerable plants we will start to prepare them for the year ahead. There are many treatments that our arborists can employ to ensure that your trees are supported and can withstand whatever mother nature throws at them.

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