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When you are in need of expert tree trimming that promotes structural growth, contact the best in the business. Gainesville Tree Pro is versed in tree and brush removal. This service is applicable for urban properties and expansive wooded areas. We make stump grinding look easy. With intelligent forestry equipment, we remove stumps with the push of a button. Gainesville has beautiful weather but we pay for it with annual hurricanes that plague our region. Tree cabling and bracing is a service offered to trees in dire need of support. This may be a tree that is splitting at the trunk or in danger of losing a vital limb. Don’t wait too long or it may be too late. You will be impressed with our overall tree maintenance services. When you select us, expect the best.

Canopy elevation, thinning, tree shaping and reduction are just a few of the services provided. If you love your trees and the shade and oxygen they bring, you must train their growth. In the same way that you train your hair to grow in the direction you desire, we can do the same with our silent friends. Trees are social beings that provide a myriad of benefits. It is a joy to care for them and watch them thrive. Our services are vital and affordable. Contact us via email or phone for a complimentary consultation.

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