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Welcome to Gainesville Tree Pro where we specialize in all living green things. If you need to have a tree removed from your property swiftly and safely, contact the best in the business. Tree trimming is our specialty. Our veteran arborists use the 3-cut method to preserve your tree’s bark. For expert tree removal services you’ve come to the right place. For over 20 years we have provided tree service in Gainesville, FL to homeowners and commercial entities. Our services don’t end with trees. We also take the time to inform their owners about the secret lives of trees and how to support their growth process.

About Us
Business and homeowners throughout Gainesville seek our expert tree removal service. A comprehensive tree cutting service along with thorough stump removal can be scheduled at your convenience. We offer a plethora of affordable tree services. Many people delay tree maintenance because they fear the price tag. In reality we are the most reasonably priced tree service in Gainesville, Florida. For a professional tree trimming service that won’t harm the tree, contact us today. Tree cutting is not for the faint of heart. It can be dangerous if the proper safeguards are not put in place. We always wear protective gear and adhere to industry safety standards.

Our Services
Gainesville Tree Pro tree trimmers are unlike any gardener or landscape artist. We are certified tree huggers that are trained to prune trees while maintaining their natural shape. For tree removal in Gainesville, FL contact us. We are a complete tree care company offering services by licensed arborists. Planting, fertilization and storm clean up are just a few of the services available. Take advantage of our warm weather by employing us to mulch and fertilize your outdoor landscape. Mulch provides a much needed cover from the sun while seeping vital nutrients into the soil as it dissipates.

Tree Trimming

If you are seeking superb tree trimming in Gainesville, Florida, you have come to the right place. We are ranked number one in the area because of our attention to detail, wealth of knowledge and genuine care for trees. Our arborists offer structural pruning and dead wooding. Dead and decaying branches can seriously compromise the health of your tree. In a forest, trees will heal themselves by compartmentalizing the wound. In urban settings, our silent companions could use a little help.

Tree & Brush Removal

There are many companies offering tree removal in Gainesville, Florida. None offers the level of professionalism that we demonstrate on a daily basis. We have seen some ‘professional’ companies removing trees and brush while shirtless. Are they the homeowner or the paid contractor? If you have to ask this question, you’ve hired the wrong guys. Once we have removed your trees we can extend our wood chipping service for future mulch installations.

“I woke up at 3AM to find a large tree branch from my oak lying complacently across my wife’s car. We managed to sleep through the storm but the sound of crushing metal filtered into my dream. A neighbor recommended Gainesville Tree Pro. I was surprised when they arrived in less than an hour.” –Bruce & Nathan R.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a service applicable for residential and commercial entities. We highly recommend stump removal and grinding to minimize any legal liabilities. There are options within this service. You may elect to have the stump transformed into mulch for future use. We can also grind it into dust and haul it away. Once the stump is completely removed along with the root system, the team will back fill the area. Elect to plant a garden or erect a gazebo in its place.

Like Californians are accustomed to earthquakes, we are used to hurricanes. Hurricane season is our busiest time of the year. We ramp up our hiring efforts to account for the dramatic increase in business. Without fail, trees will fall and property will be damaged. We work around the clock to clear roads, walkways, homes and businesses from hazardous trees. This service is useful for urban and rural areas. If you suspect that there are dead trees and limbs on your property, remove them before the hurricane season is underway.
“A tree in my garden had begun to split near the root. I thought it was done for but a member of my garden club told me about tree bracing. I called Gainesville Tree Pro​ and they arrived the next day to remedy the problem. My tree is saved and my flowers and I can continue to enjoy its shade.” – Remi Q

Tree Cabling & Bracing

We have options when providing tree cabling and bracing procedures. The standard installation involves steel rods, cables and bolts. The Germans have developed nylon braces specifically designed for trees that work just as well and are less invasive. The traditional method is quite invasive and requires that we drill holes through the trunk and limbs. Although the wounds heal completely within 2 years, we’d rather not do any damage to trees if we can avoid it.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance goes beyond trimming and fertilizing. We offer precise reduction, restoration and thinning. The goal is to sculpt trees into a natural shape. We balance the needs of the customer with the natural characteristics of the species. When done correctly, tree shaping is balanced, beautiful and enhances your building’s architecture. If your tree is dangerously close to your roof, power or telephone line, consider canopy elevation. This will preserve the integrity of your roof and your neighbors won’t be able to blame you for any power outages.

“I love home improvement projects plus I’m a self professed busy-body. Last week I set out to remove an unsightly stump from my front yard. I watched YouTube videos and rented all the necessary equipment to no avail. Needless to say, I had to call Gainesville Tree Pro to finish the job. Some things are better left to the professionals.” – Hayden P.

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​Many trees have co-dominant stems. In theory they work together. In stressful urban situations, they can work against each other. Contact us if your tree begins to split at the crotch due to stress and strain. If you wait too late, the tree will literally begin to split in half. Two arborists will work in tandem to install cable and bracing in an effort to hold the tree together. If you enjoy the fruit, shade and aromatic flowers emitted from this tree, it is definitely worth the investment. Improve your curb appeal and limit your legal liability by enlisting Gainesville Tree Pro to keep your ground and walkways clear of dead tree branches.